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Perhaps you are not aware of this fact, but water can damage your concrete severely. You need concrete waterproofing added in order to protect your concrete
You can buy various concrete waterproofing products for this purpose. You should verify if a particular method is suitable for your concrete. You can ask a good supplier for further information.
You need to know how each product works and if it is safe for your construction. Consider the drawbacks of some methods and reflect on whether they can affect it in a very negative way. If you think that they can, do not adopt this method.

It is best to buy a product that you are sure that it won’t harm your concrete. It may be more expensive than you would expect, but safety and quality should always come first.

This is the only way you can protect your concrete from water efficiently. You want to eliminate this risk at all costs. For more information on saving money make sure to visit Accieee's website. Otherwise, your concrete may be damaged permanently.

Speak to a concrete waterproofing professional about your concerns. They can advise you on the products to buy and the appropriate treatment of your concrete.